April Exams

On the week of April 18, 2011, you will take the following two exams.

Room assignments for the Performance Exam can be found here. (requires login)

The Written Exam will take place in 1084 (our usual classroom).

End of Term Office Hours

Performance Exam

The possibilities for the performance exam are described here (requires login).

Update, 04/13/2011: A rubric and sample problem for the performance exam is now available on cTools.

Update, 04/15/2011: The exact task has been released on cTools.

Written Exam

Doing well on the Written Exam entails mathematical mastery of the following topics.

(Please note that leftover sequences, trigonometric functions, and inverse trigonometric functions are not on this list. You should still know how to give a good explanation of proofs by contradiction, though.)

While studying for the Written Exam, it would be a good idea to do problems on the above topics from the Problem Sets, the examples in the Class Summaries and Slides, the problems in the cTools file on the April Performance Exam, the Midterm review session, and the problems described in the cTools file on February Performance Exam Possibilities.

I can promise that a close variant of at least one of the unperformed tasks on the April Performance Exam Possibilities will show up on the Written Exam, and you will be assessed with the standards described in that file!