Current Courses:

    Math 104 (Business Calculus) - My particular section consists of William H. Thompson Scholars, who make up a small learning community of first generation college students. This means there are only around 20 students in the course and therefore class periods are much more interactive than a standard college Calculus class.

Past Courses Taught:

    Courses taught as principal lecturer:
      Math 100A (Intermediate Algebra)
      Math 101 (College Algebra)
      Math 203 (Contemporary Mathematics)
      Math 106 (Calculus I)
      Math 300 (Math Matters) – This is a class for elementary education majors (specifically K-3) that is paired with TEAC316D, a course in pedagogy through the department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education.
    Courses taught as recitation instructor:
      Math 104 (Business Calculus) (recitations were optional for the students)
      Math 106 (Calculus I) (recitations were required- quizzes and tests were assigned/graded)
    Other teaching duties:
      I served as a sort of teaching assistant for Math 807-T (Understanding Mathematics to Understand our World), a course required for the Math in the Middle program at UNL.

Other Teaching Experiences:

    IMMERSE at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      For the summer 2010 transition program for students entering graduate school, I served as a graduate student mentor for the participants in the algebra session of the program, giving seminars on LaTeX, teaching specific topics in algebra, and providing overall guidance with homework. I created a webpage for IMMERSE, available here.
    Analysis Qualifying Workshop at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      During Fall 2009, I ran (and designed) a workshop for graduate students planning to take the analysis qualifying exam that January. We met once a week, covering a different topic each time. I focused the course on problem solving techniques: identifying problem type, solving those problem types, etc.
    Project Fulcrum Fellow at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
      For the 2008-2009 academic year, I served as a "Resident Mathematician" for Lincoln Public Schools as part of Project Fulcrum, a NSF GK-12 program in the physics department at UNL. I worked with several grade school teachers in Lincoln, preparing and presenting more scientific projects for students.
    SUMSRI REU at University of Miami
      For the summer 2006 REU, I served as a graduate student mentor for the undergraduates participating in the abstract algebra portion of the REU, aiding in and facilitating the undergraduate research portion of the program.