All course materials are available on Blackboard.

Course Notes:

Math 901/902 - Abstract Algebra (PDF)       Math 905 - Commutative Algebra (PDF)
Math 953 - Algebraic Geometry (PDF) Math 915 - Homological Algebra (PDF)
Math 918 - Cohen Macaulay Modules (PDF) Math 918 - Local Cohomology (PDF)
Math 918 - Homological Conjectures (PDF) Math 997 - Reading Course (F07 PDF, S08 PDF)
Non-Algebra Course Notes: On UNL's Digital Commons, you can also find my notes on analysis and topology.


UNL Math Department: Find out more about my department. Database of upcoming conferences and events in commutative algebra.
Math World: An encyclopedia of mathematics!
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences: An online database of integer sequences and where they come from.


PhD Comics: A comic strip by Engineering PhD Jorge Cham.