Mathematical Current Events

Links to websites with good articles

·         Science Daily: Mathematics News

·         Math News and Articles from Scientific American

·         American Mathematical Society

·         American Mathematical Society - News 2009

·         Mathematical Association of America

·         Mathematical Association of America - News and Features

·         Plus Magazine

·         Science News

·         The New York Times - Mathematics

·         Discover Magazine: Science and Technology News

·         The Wall Street Journal: The Numbers Guy

·         When will I use math?

Breakthroughs and Discoveries

·         At Last, Shout of 'Eureka!' In Age-Old Math Mystery

o   How a Gap in the Fermat Proof Was Bridged

·         Last doubts removed about the proof of the Four Color Theorem

·         45th and 46th Mersenne Primes Discovered

o   The 46th Mersenne Prime - TIME's Best Inventions of 2008

·         Mathematicians Solve "Trillion Triangle" Problem

·         Jessica Fridrich Specializes in Problems That Only Seem Impossible to Solve (Rubik's Cube)

Unexpected Applications of Math (unless you’re a mathematician)

·         New Model System May Better Explain Regulation of Body Weight

·         The Sudoku Solution

·         Mathematics Explains Mysterious Midge Behavior

·         Professor Helps Control Infectious Diseases with Models and Math

·         Physics, Math Provide Clues to Unraveling Cancer

·         Mathematician Answers Supreme Court Plea

·         Math Model May Decrease Phantom Traffic Jams

·         Game Theory Explains Why You Can't Hurry Love

Art, Architecture, Photography, and Music

·         Beatles Unknown "A Hard Day's Night" Chord Mystery Solved Using Fourier Transform

·         A Building of Bubbles

·         Mathematician wins Grammy (2008)

·         The Secrets of Steganography

·         The Post-Materialist | A Pattern's Math Magic

·         When Art and Math Collide

·         Finding Fake Photos

o   Can Digital Photos Be Trusted?

o   It May Look Authentic; Here's How to Tell It Isn't

Internet and Movies

·         Can a Google algorithm identify the best scientific research?

o   Google PageRank - Wikipedia

·         YouTube Usage Decoded

·         Graphical Models: New Mathematical Tool Could Unpick Complex Cancer Causes and Help Sociologists Mine Facebook

·         Math in the Movies - Mathematicians to Thank for Great Graphics

·         Visual Effects of Harry Potter and Sweeney Todd

·         How Computers Learn to Listen: Scientists Develop Model To Improve Computer Language Recognition


·         Betting on March Madness - Mathematicians Show Randomly Guessing NCAA Outcome Is Extremely Improbable

·         Pittsburgh's Disproportionate Title Haul

·         Physics Proves It: Everyone Should Shoot Granny-Style

Puzzles and Challenges

·         Million Dollar Math

o   Millennium Prize Problems

·         How to Measure a Cheshire Grin?

·         KenKen - New Puzzle Challenges Math Skills

·         Ask Dr. Math FAQ: Doubling Pennies

·         The Biggest of Puzzles Brought Down to Size

·         For Decades, Puzzling People with Mathematics

Math Intuition and Education

·         Gut Instinct's Surprising Role in Math

·         Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study - Mathematics Achievement of Fourth- and Eighth-Graders in 2007

·         Students Paying More and Getting Less, Study Says

·         Math Skills Suffer in U.S., Study Finds

o   Math Scores Show No Gap for Girls, Study Finds

·         Do dogs know calculus?


·         Doing the Math to Find the Good Jobs

·         Gallons Per Mile Would Help Car Shoppers Make Better Decisions

o   Gallons Per Mile Makes More Sense

o   The MPG Illusion

·         Math Backs Limited Profiling in Airport Screening

o   Strong profiling is not mathematically optimal for discovering rare malfeasors

·         Confused by SPF? Take a Number

·         Truro Zoning Decision Hinges on a Single Vote

·         Town Halls by Invitation

·         Keith Devlin Offers Math Insights into Dimpled Golf Balls, Honeycombs, and More



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