Andrew Ray and Elizabeth Jurshak

Wedding Updates

(06/29/2006)We had a great time on our Honeymoon. We loved Fillenwarth Beach. We didn't take many pictures but here is a few.

(06/23/2006)Today I realized some of you might not know we got a new car. One week before the wedding Andy and I bought a 2006 Honda Accord LX SE. We really love it!

(06/21/2006)I have just finished the new Wedding Day Pictures page!!!! I am glad people are sharing their pictures and if you have any more feel free to email me. Thanks.

(06/20/2006)I have been unpacking our gifts and trying to get some picture updates to the website. Andrew and I had a wonderful time at the wedding and are so glad to see and talk to everyone that attended. We got so many wonderful gifts and cards. I have made a new gift page to share with everyone the presents we received.

(06/13/2006)4 More Days! We are so excited to see everyone on Saturday. I am going to mom and dads tomorrow and Andy is coming on Thursday. I think everything is under control!

(06/01/2006)Honeymoon is booked! We are going to Lake Okoboji and staying at Fillenwarth Beach in a cottage June 24-27.

(05/30/2006)This Memorial Day weekend was great fun! We went on a camping trip with Nick and Lori and Ashley (Nickís sister) in South Dakota. We left Saturday and stayed at the Farm Island Park near Pierre. Then Sunday we visited the Badlands and hiked the most strenuous trail there was on the trail guide! We also went swimming in the Missouri River at camp! There was a little excitement Sunday night when the tornado sirens went off and we took shelter in the restroom while it hailed. Monday was the drive home and a stop at the Corn Palace. We took a scenic route through some Indian Reservations and saw Prairie Dog colonies, and bison. There are some pics on the Random Pictures Page.

(05/15/2006)Last week I got a lot of wedding plans done in Murray. Our engagement announcement was in the Citizen Journal & West County Journal in St. Louis. Shirley sent us a copy. Check it out.

(05/04/2006)Hi all! Wow it is May and the Wedding is next month! Last weekend we went to our friends Brett and Angieís wedding. We had a nice time. Everything for our wedding is going smoothly at the moment. I believe Nick has planned a Bachelor party for Andy next weekend, I hope they donít find any poison oak/ivy. For those of you that donít know, at Nickís bachelor party last year Andy and some other guys had a reaction to some. I am super excited now that school is over and I will have much more time to worry about wedding details. Also we would like to thank everyone that has been RSVPing and we enjoy reading all your wonderful comments.

(04/09/2006)Invitations went out in the mail Saturday. The RSVP page is up and running so be sure to do that soon too. Online RSVP's are the wave of the future and I think Andrew did an awesome job! We know it is something new but hope it is extremely more convenient for our guests. I have been trying some of the recipes I got at the shower and we use many of the new items from the shower everyday. Thanks again!

(03/29/2006)This week we received our invitations so I have been busy addressing those. Also our flowers were finished and shipped, obviously they are silk and they look awesome. Mona sent the shower pictures and I have posted a new page about the shower. So check that out.

(03/25/2006)Last week our engagement announcement was in the Osceola Sentinel Tribune! Mom sent me a copy and I scanned it for everyone to see! Check it out.

(03/16/2006)I am enjoying my spring break this week. My bridal shower was awesome. It was so great to see everyone and also I got so great gifts. I havenít used anything except the bedspread because I am waiting for Andy to get home Friday and see it all. I have it all 'on display' in the living room. Mona took pictures and has mailed me a CD, so when I get that I will post some pictures.

(03/07/2006)Hi all! I realized it had been awhile and thought I should post an update. The most major thing to happen this last month was we got a minister lined up! I have been busy buy small things lately of the wedding. I am super excited about my bridal shower this weekend!! Thanks to Cathy, Diane and Rachel. I will defiantly be posting info on that afterwards and hope to have some new pictures. It will be fun to see everyone. Also Andy is gone on business to CA this week and next and I have spring break next week!! Later-Elizabeth

(02/01/2006)Since Elizabeth loves photos of family and events, I, Andy, have created the *NEW* 'Random Pictures' page. New pics may pop up later too, so keep checking back!

(01/31/2006)There is a new page 'Wedding Details', check it out.

(01/30/2006)Elizabeth has made updates to the location, about us, and lodging pages. This past weekend we spent time visiting many jewelers in Lincoln.

(01/26/2006)We have all our registry lists in order now. We are starting to pick out an invitation without breaking the bank. The other day we also had fun scouting things at the party supply store.

(01/19/2006)Today I have asked Andrew to start on the wedding website. We have made good progress. I hope by 2 weeks we will have it done. We have had the major things (location, photographer, dress) taken care of last year. The past few weeks we have been making more plans. My mom has been working on the menu and booked the cake person. Andrew and I were busy working on our gift registries this week. Of course there is still more to do...