Andrew Ray and Elizabeth Jurshak

May 28, 2006


Susannah getting her Panda tattoo!.

Susannah and Laura trying on fun dresses.

Susannah and I at my Birthday.

Andy and I at my Birthday.

Us at New Years 2006.

On the Oregon Coast.

In our KME t-shirts, we are dorks!

Bernard and Shirley Wolf, Elizabeth's Grandparents.

Andy with his brother Jon, cousin Aaron, and Grandma Elinor Moore.

Elizabeth's mom, Deb Jurshak

Elizabeth's parents on their Wedding Day.

Mona and Andy at Christmas. I think they love beef jerky and Sudoku.

Elizabeth's first time at the ocean, any ocean ever!

Our campground on the Missouri River.

Soxy kitty and me before the shower.

Susannah and I trying on fun dresses.

Laura and I at my Birthday.

Us with our new vacuum

Christmas 2005 at the Bild house.

Remember the Alamo?

Our first Picture together taken on March 13, 2004.

Grandpa at Christmas, Elizabeth made him this 'small triambic icosahedron' out of paper. My officemate Susannah showed me how.

Jon, Andy and Elizabeth at Mount St. Helens.

Steve(left) out drilling.

Little Elizabeth.

Andy and I in our old office at CMSU.

Mona and her Boyfriend, Ben Love.

Corn Palace.

Laura and Susannah driving to Iowa for the shower.

Laura and I trying on fun dresses.

Lori and I at my Birthday. These flowers and balloons were from Laura and Susannah.

Us at Christmas 2005.

At Shannon's(friend of Elizabeth) Christmas party 2005

In San Antonio Spring 2005.

Andy at his Masters Graduation with his thesis advisor, Dr. Curtis Cooper.

Shirley and Brian Bild.

Shirley Bild, Andy's mom.

Elizabeth's dad Steve Jurshak.

Mona Jurshak, Elizabeth's sister.

kissy, kissy

Best man, Nick, and wife Lori Brown.