Elizabeth's Balloon Ride with Susannah and Laura
July 29, 2006

The day before the National Balloon Classic we shopped at the Mall of America.

In northern Iowa we saw a windmill power field.

Before the balloons went up there were the USASOC Black Daggers parachute team.

More USASOC Black Daggers parachute team.

Susannah in the van we rode to the balloon launch site.

Our balloon basket. It can hold up to 18 people! We had 15 on our flight plus the pilot.

Here is the inside of our basket. There were 7 people on each side and one up front with the pilot, Andy(he is there in the red shirt).

Blowing the balloon up with fans.

Us. On the left is Andy our pilot.

Inside the balloon.

Andy is getting the balloon upright.

Inside the balloon, you can see the flames.

We were the first balloon to get up in the air. There were 4 balloons giving rides to passengers and about 100 other personal balloons.

The view.

The other 3 balloons giving rides.

Everyone getting ready.

For some reason the ride balloons like ours launched over on the right, far away from the others.

Getting bigger.

Fun yard.

Bigger yet.

A few are up.

More have launched.

Lots of balloons. We launched so early we were far away from the others. We did however see many deer in the fields run for cover since we were first.


Our balloons' shadow.

Our reflection in the water of a large pond.


So many balloons.

Bean field.

Look at the others.

Cool pattern.

Yet more balloons.

...and another picture of the balloons.

Laura, Elizabeth, and Susannah.



Another reflection.

We have landed.

Susannah getting out of the balloon.

Everyone is helping roll the balloon.

Susannah is helping.

Andy thought this would be funny!!

I helped out too.

Balloon landing.

Coming this way.


All flat.

Another balloon ride balloon. This is exactly what our balloon looked like.








Regions Bank Balloon.

This is a non-balloon ride balloon. In fact this man owns this field we landed in!



We got the ride in the basket on the way back to the Balloon Classic site. Here is Laura and Susannah.


Elizabeth. It was windy.

Susannah. So windy.