Andrew Ray and Elizabeth Jurshak

About us:
Elizabeth grew up in south central Iowa in the town of Murray. It was a small community of 700 people and she graduated top of 30 people in her senior class at Murray Community High. She was very active in school activities and sports (volleyball and softball). Her family consists of her parents Steve and Deb Jurshak and her sister Mona. Mona is in her third year at CMSU studying Photography and Art. Steve works at SIMCO Drilling and Equipment where he is the Director of Engineering and in his spare time has a second profession as a geothermal heat pump hole driller. Deb works for the Murray Community Schools in the kitchen (most helpful for planning and cooking our wedding food). Elizabethís grandparents on her momís side, Bernard and Shirley Wolf, live in Harlan Iowa.

Andrew grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri Area. He graduated with honors from South Technical High School in 2000. His parents Shirley Bild and James Ray are divorced and his mother is now married to Brian Bild. Andy's brother Jon is in his third year at University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne studying Computer Science. Shirley works for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency working with the global positioning system (GPS). Andrew's grandparents on his fathers side, James and Edith Ray, live in Greendale Wisconsin. His grandmother on his mothers side, Elinor Moore, lives in Madison Wisconsin.

We both attended Central Missouri State University (CMSU) in Warrensburg, Missouri. Elizabeth received a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics in December 2002 and her M.S. in Mathematics in May 2005. Andrew earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics in May 2004 and his M.S. in Mathematics in December 2005. While we worked on our masters we both had graduate teaching assistantships, free masterís yeah!

How did we get together?
Andrew and I knew of each other as undergrads at CMSU. We were both officers in KME the math honor society. We competed at a math competition on a team together. In the spring 2004 we were in Graph Theory class together. Andrew sat right by me in class. For my birthday, February 3, my friends had a birthday party in which Andrew attended. After that we started chatting online then dating. We quickly realized we are very compatible. We have been living together since May 2004 and were engaged on March 23, 2005. Andrew surprise proposed to me in our office, when I had returned from my Operations Research class, I had never expected to get engaged at school but it was perfect for us! He was even considerate enough to wait until my comprehensive exams were over(2 days before), as to not distract my studies.

Now we both happily live in Lincoln, Nebraska. Elizabeth is studying at University of Nebraska, Lincoln and is a Graduate Teaching Assistant there. Andrew is Merchant Technical Support Specialist, PayPal an eBay Company. Lately we have been busy working on the wedding plans.