Floating Opera is a musical group from Lincoln, Nebraska. Our new cd, Burning Lighthouse, is finally available, and you can buy it below using PayPal. Navigate this site with the buttons above. You can hear our music in both MP3 and RealAudio formats, read reviews of our three releases, read our lyrics, look at our art work, and join our mailing list.

We will keep unreleased songs on the Audio page. These are available in mp3 formal, high fidelity RealAudio format, and low fidelity RealAudio formal. Since we're always tweaking the mixes of the new songs, we welcome your opinions.

Floating Opera appears on the compilation CD "Coast to Coast", which includes otherwise unreleased cuts from Ani DiFranco and The Cowboy Junkies. This CD, is available from JARMusic.

You can now buy recordings using PayPal here. If you would like the CD(s) shipped in the U.S., use the buttons below. If you want it shipped abroad, please add an additional $1.50, and contact us at web@floatingopera.com to arrange the PayPal transactions.

buy "Burning Lighthouse" for $11.99 (includes shipping in the U.S.)
buy "It's Not Easy Listening Anymore" for $5.99 (includes shipping in the U.S.)
buy "Everybody's Somebody's Monster" for $11.50 (includes shipping in the U.S.)
buy the Floating Opera debut, originally on cassette, now on CD, $7.50 (includes shipping in the U.S.)

Feel free to contact us at web@floatingopera.com.

All Music Guide :
On the CD "Everybody's Somebody's Monster": In addition to the stunning vocals, the somewhat subdued ensemble musicianship complements perfectly, serving as an inspired foundation .... genius songwriting, this album should impress anyone looking for sophisticated pop music with a near orchestral sense of instrumentation. On the EP "It's Not Easy Listening Anymore": Yet another delicious taste of Floating Opera.

Aiding and Abetting:
"Timeless" gets bandied about an awful lot, but that's what these songs are... They're simply gorgeous and terribly moving ... Floating Opera has created some of the great pop music of the last few years.

"The resulting web of sound is entrancing, as delicate and complexly intertwinded as the trap a spider weaves for a fly."

Cultophile Rock Review:
"The music is some of the best written, arranged, and performed I have heard, and it is really very beautiful."

Feedback Magazine:
"... the soundtrack to a very eerie Broadway musical .... most of the songs, even the ones with a facade of normalcy, are tinged with that sweet, cloying smell of the monster lurking under your bed (or in it, as the case may be) ... Highly recommended."

Omaha World Herald:
"... a stellar collection of acoustic rock, piano-driven ballads, symphonic like pop tunes and more ... What a great thing Floating Opera is."

The Note:
"...a rich and textured fabric of music seldom heard on vocal projects...incredible songwriting"



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