Your name
on the side of the school
next to "fuck you, fuck him, fuck me
and fuck you too"
I know I'll remember
it never goes away
I painted it there
with my drunk friends, so we'd remember
summer crystal

This year
there's lots of shit in my head
I can hardly think of anything nice to say
I know this'll pass, it always does
soon I'll smile at any little thing
remembering, remembering
summer crystal

I sure took enough of the stuff
it filled my head, never let me down
we sped through the days
eyes like golf balls, hair on end
hot rain on our indoor skin
feeling nothing, but summer crystal

Under the bridge
hanging from the trestles
they used to hang black men here
for nothing

If a rattlesnake
took a bite of me
I know you'd suck me clean
summer crystal