A package of gum in a hospital gift shop
Making a face at the children
Bored with the bedside
They giggle and run through the halls
Clanging pipes and the heat blur
Stagnant in air

And the nuns close the curtains around you
Shouting out something in Gaelic
And the bed squeaks as they push you onto the guerney
Change the sheets, and start up the razor

Wheel you back behind a screen
Shave you where I've never seen
I think of a dirty joke, quite by accident
And choke it down with shame

And the nuns whisper something in your ear
Whispering something in Gaelic
And your back hurts as they roll you off of the guerney
Close the door, and turn out the lights

You squeeze St. Necklace as hard as you can
Ask me to read you the paper
Ask me if Richard Nixon has been impeached

No, he's just resigned