Critics' comments on Floating Opera recordings


Feedback Magazine: ...the soundtrack to a very eerie Broadway musical....most of the songs, even the ones with a facade of normalcy, are tinged with that sweet, cloying smell of the monster lurking under your bed (or in it, as the case may be)...Highly recommended.

Omaha World Herald: ...a stellar collection of acoustic rock, piano-driven ballads, symphoniclike pop tunes and more...What a great thing Floating Opera is.

Keyboard Magazine: ...vocals, sometimes direct and unadorned, and other times wailing and warbly, waft over detailed timbral backdrops.

Omaha Reader: The follow-up to Floating Opera's 1993 self-titled debut, Everybody's Somebody's Monster is every bit as rich and rewarding... a mosaic of moods and stories that's the perfect escape from a horrible day.

Jersey Beat: Lead vocalist Lori Allison has a great voice and her performances are very well presented midst a harmony of excellent instrumentation and eclectic musical arrangements...A fun release, a pleasure to listen to.

Lincoln Sunday Journal -Star: The Floating Opera has produced two of the best recordings to come out of Lincoln in the '90s...a brilliant collection of lush, carefully arranged, superbly played inviting songs anchored by the entrancing vocals of Allison and Ore...the music is deeply woven, creating a variety of setting from driving, rock-based sounds to drifting folk-tinged pop... the lyrics add a spooky, unsettling element as they spin their dark, literate stories.

Daily Nebraskan: ...spectacular singing, from quiet to soaring...a great piece of work from a bunch of truly talented people. Grade: A-

Omaha Reader: ...brilliant release...a somber joyride of intricate melodies and ideas beautifully put together.


Electrozine: ... brings songwriting back to pop in a way that few ever will...catchy chorus hooks, melodies that are easy on the ear, and lyrics that are singable after the first or second listen. What separates them from normal pop fare is the genuine feelings that the music communicates.


New Review of Records: ...highly original and very nice indeed.

Lincoln Journal-Star: ...beautifully arranged, carefully crafted, highly melodic alternative adult pop. 4 and 1/2 stars (out of 5)

Lincoln Journal-Star: #10 on the list Best of '93 (so far), (which is a half-year list). A local entry on a national list, Floating Opera is a superb showcase of a wide range of local talent assembled by producer/composer Richard Rebarber.

The Note: ...a rich and textured fabric of music seldom heard on vocal projects...incredible...


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