The way you sit down half on fire
at the table
the way you lay your knife and fork
on the anvil screaming
"I won't have another sleepy hollow sunday,
you will not lay another ice cube on my forehead."

Another headstrong ghost
to keep me company
another shotgun voice
when it rains and thunders
another face in the glass
the lightning etches out at random
a burning lighthouse in another world

Shagging pitches, stumbling backwards
into childhood
where I'd slumber in the heatwave
with my bible dreaming
"you will not replace me in this world
you cannot give me death
when I won't pay attention."

Another headstrong ghost
who won't be silenced
another shotgun voice
crying in the tall trees
another face in a dream
the lightning snatches from me
a burning lighthouse in another world

I can't make you come into daylight
I can't walk you through the fire in my head
I can't stay away from sleep just to hide you
I can't talk you through the fire in my bed
in my head, in my bed, in my head