Aiding and Abetting:
"Timeless" gets bandied about an awful lot, but that's what these songs are... They're simply gorgeous and terribly moving ... Floating Opera has created some of the great pop music of the last few years.

"The resulting web of sound is entrancing, as delicate and complexly intertwinded as the trap a spider weaves for a fly."

Cultophile Rock Review:
"The music is some of the best written, arranged, and performed I have heard, and it is really very beautiful."

Feedback Magazine:
"... the soundtrack to a very eerie Broadway musical .... most of the songs, even the ones with a facade of normalcy, are tinged with that sweet, cloying smell of the monster lurking under your bed (or in it, as the case may be) ... Highly recommended."

Omaha World Herald:
"... a stellar collection of acoustic rock, piano-driven ballads, symphonic like pop tunes and more ... What a great thing Floating Opera is."

The Note:
"...a rich and textured fabric of music seldom hrard on vocal projects...incredible songwriting"


You can order these releases by sending a check (payable to Richard Rebarber), and your name and address to:

Floating Opera
2603 Washington St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

The EP and the cassette are $7.50, and "Everybody's Somebody's Monster'' is $11.50 (including shipping).

You can also listen to or buy Floating Opera music at these sites: