Math 310 -- Summer 2009



Petronela Radu, 239 Avery Hall,,  472-9130 ,

Office hours:  Mo, Tue, Th, 11:00 – 12:20 or by appointment (or just stop by when the door is open)

Text: A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra, Second Edition, by Lindsay Childs (2000 paperback)

Homework Policy: The following syllabus (which will be adjusted as the course proceeds), indicates the topics that will be discussed each week and the assigned problems. Homework should be done in groups of three or four people (unless otherwise specified). Each group should turn in only one homework set. Your name on the homework set is your confirmation that you have made a substantial and meaningful contribution. For each problem, indicate who did the write-up. Be sure that everyone in your group does more or less the same amount of writing over the entire summer session.

Quizzes: There will be twelve 10-point quizzes which will be announced a couple of days in advance.  The problem(s) on the quiz will be very similar – possibly identical – to one or more of those on the homework collected that week.  No make-up quizzes will be given, but only your top 10 quiz scores will be counted.

Exams:  There will be two one-hour exams and a two hour final exam.

Calculators:  Calculators will not be allowed on quizzes or exams (although they may be useful on the homework).

Scores:  Your scores for homework, quizzes, hour exams and the final will be posted on Blackboard.  Homework scores will eventually be normalized so that the total contribution of homework is 100 points.

Course Grade:  Your final course grade will be based on a total of 600 points:  100 (homework) + 100 (quizzes) + 200 (hour exams) + 200 (final exam).


Week (syllabus subject to change!)

1 June 8:    2A: E2, E7, E13; 2B: E4, 2C; 2D; 3A: E2, E4, E9, E11, E12; 3B: E3, E5

                  3C: E4(iii), E4(iv), E7, E8(i), E8(iii), E9;

2 June 15:  4A: E3, E4, 4B: E9, E17(iii), E19, E30, E31; 4C: E1, E3; 5A: E3, E4;

     5B: E2, E6(i), E6(ii); 5E: E1;

3 June 22: EXAM 1 (on Chapters 2 - 5); 6A: E3; 6B; 6C: E3; 6D: E4, E5, E6; 6E: E3, E8; E10;

4 June 29:  8A: 3, 7, 12, 17; 8B: 7, 8, 9; 9A: 5, 14, 16; 9B: 5, 7, 12; 12A: 3, 4, 12; 12C: 1, 4

                  9C: E4, E13, E16; EXAM 2 (Chapters 6, 8, 9, 12);

5 July 6:    15A: E1(ii), E4(i-ii), E6, E11; 15C: E1, E6, E7, E8(i), E10(i), E13; 15D: E4, E7, E8, E12

                 15B: E1; PET1, PET2; Final Exam.


FINAL EXAM:   9:00 – 11:00, Friday, July 10


Departmental grading appeals policy:  Students who believe that their academic evaluation has been prejudiced or capricious have recourse for appeals to (in order) the instructor, the Department Chair, the Department Grading Appeals Committee, and the College Appeals Committee.