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EREN - US Department of Energy

Energy Ideas Clearinghouse

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE):

This is the official homepage of the United States Department of Energy. Here you will find information pertaining to the DOE's mission statement, plan, organization, structure and accomplishments. In addition, this page provides links to various DOE departments and laboratories, as well as "OpenNet," references to the Departments declassified information.

Energy Quest:

Energy Education from the California Energy Energy Commission. This page contains a large amount of information which is useful to energy education. The page covers a wide range of topics including energy conservation, alternative fuels, nuclear energy, solar energy and many others. In addition there is also an interesting section devoted to energy related science projects ideal for the classroom.

National Energy Foundation:

"The National Energy Foundation is the nation's premier nonprofit provider of educational materials and programs related to energy, natural resources, and the environment. NEF is supported by businesses, government agencies, associations, and the educational community."

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL):

NREL's facilities are used to develop technologies for converting sunlight in electricity, advancing photovoltaic technology, developing cleaner fuels, harnessing the wind's energy, and hydrogen research.

Fusion Energy Education Page:

This page features a host of information regarding fusion education. The site's features include the online fusion museum, internet plasma phyics education experience, fusion energy slide show, a web-based fusion course and much more information related to fusion educaiton.

K-12 Science Education Resources:

This page contains a wide variety of science related classroom material and ideas for all grade levels. Topics include: science projects, stores and suppliers, explaining electricity, among others.

Education Links

Contained within this page are several links to various science/tecnology related subjects including Discovery Channel Online, Infolist: internet resource for all teachers, and Kid's Page: A huge educational page for children.

National Energy Information Center

This page contains a large index of energy education topics including: Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Petroleum, Coal, and energy conservation.

Union of Concerned Scientists

"An independent, nonprofit organization of scientists and other citizens concerned about the impacts of advanced technology on society. Teachers can purchase a 100-page multidisciplinary guide to teaching renewable energy in grades 7 through 12, as well as a collection of eight posters on renewables and a renewable energy slide show. Other publications include books on renewable energy, transportation policy, and nuclear power safety."

Steel Recycling Institute:

"Provides materials for primary school and secondary school educators. Materials include Nature's for ME, a preschool workbook filled with recycling and nature-related interactive exercises; "YES I CAN!," a video and teacher's guide for grades 1 through 3; and Cycles for Science, a high school curriculum supplement for Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Life Science and Physics, and a community volunteer activities guide to support the program. Information and prices are available through order forms. Additional materials, such as activity sheets (black line masters), a coloring poster, and a wall poster are available. If responding in writing, please indicate grade level(s) for which materials or order forms are needed."

Energy Education and Training Opportunities:

The South Carolina Energy Education Page conatains information on a wide variety of energy education resources.

Philadelphia's Energy Network

This page conatians a "myriad of energy related services" including energy education and a large list of related materials.

Northeast Energy Education Network:

"The Northeast Energy Education Network (NEEN) is a cooperative effort of educators, utilities, nonprofit and government organizations. It's goal is to create a community of shared resources about energy and education..." Here you will find information about EPA grants, and other energy related topics.

Lincoln Electric System (LES)

Nebraska Public Power District

Omaha Public Power District

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