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UNL Thesis

Allan Donsig and I have written a thesis class file that seems to meet the the guidelines set by the graduate college. A number of graduate students in the department have used it and received the OK from the Graduate college.

So here it is:

At some point far into the future this will be written into a ins/dtx format.

My macros

Over the years I have developed my own collection of macros. Feel free to use them as a starting point for your own, but be careful there are a few other things there as well that aren't quite finished...It doesn't help, that I'm working on updating them as well.

The package is not for the faint of heart. It depends, in some way, on about 10 other packages. Some are very common e.g., amsmath. Others are not e.g., Jens-Peer Kuska's Virtual Font Package for using the Mathematica fonts or packages for using the Concrete and Euler fonts. You get the idea, you cannot just download and use it.

So here is is:

For those of you who want something less complicated I still have my other version around:

For those looking for copies of my bib files for whatever reason:


Quite awhile ago I wrote an exam class file which was primarily set up to prepare sectional final exams. Since then I have kludged in other abilities. Unfortunately, things have gotten a bit out of hand. While in the process of redesigning my package. I found Philip Hirschhorn's exam class that does pretty much everything mine did and then some. The one thing that my package does, a fancy cover page, is not in Philip's package. I plan to try to add that feature into his over the next year. Until then


I have given a few talks to help graduate students get started on using LaTeX. The same presentation was used as the basis for both talks. So here it is:

nedstextalk.tar.gz nedstextalk.pdf

A couple of other, probably better, introductions to LaTeX are:


Below is a very incomplete collection of books and websites related to TeX.



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