2001 Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

Professor Jennifer Key (Clemson) giving her plenary lecture "Error-Correcting Codes"
Professor Alice Silverberg (Ohio State) giving her plenary lecture "Elliptic Curves are Everywhere!"
Lloyd Douglas (NSF) and Mariana Campbell (Berkeley) on the "Life in Graduate School" panel
Participants proudly displaying their nametags after registering
UNL student Dorea Claassen (left) made some new friends during the conference.
Professor Wendy Hines (UNL) gave an after-dinner lecture "What Would You Do To Be a Mathematician?"
Betsy LaPlant and Bethany McLemore (Bemidji State University and East Texas Baptist University) gave a joint talk on The Search for Latin Transversals in n x n Cayley Tables.
Two participants hanging out. The woman on the left is Kathy Bartley, who is now a graduate student at UNL.
Juliana Belding (Bryn Mawr College) gave a talk on Finding Fundamental Units of Quartic Fields.
Excitement before the "Life in Graduate School" panel discussion.
UNL Math/Stat Department Chair Jim Lewis gave some closing remarks.
Professors Jennifer Key (Clemson), Roger Wiegand (UNL-Graduate Chair), and Judy Walker (UNL-Chair of NCUWM organizing committee) before the banquet
UNL student Dorea Claassen (right) and a group of participants getting ready for the next series of talks.
Dr. Jane Meza (panelist; received PhD. in Statistics in 2000 from UNL), Julie Berg (member of NCUWM organizing committee, received MS in Statistics in 2001 from UNL) and Dr. Theresa Strei (panelist; received PhD in Math from UNL in 2001)
Participants taking a break between sessions
Three conference participants waiting for a talk to start: Jane Holsapple, Raegan Higgins, and Janet Trimm.
Participants deciding which talk to attend next
Three participants regroup during a break
The panelists from "Life in Graduate School" Victoria Sapko, Kristy Pfabe, Lloyd Douglas, Mariana Campbell, Susan Hermiller, Roger Wiegand
A participant presents her talk in one of the 15 minute sessions
Participants between sessions
Melanie Wood (Duke) gave a talk on Generalized Factorials and P-orderings.
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