Transportation to Lincoln

The conference is expected to begin at 3:30pm on Friday, February 8 (with on-site check-in starting at noon) and it will end by noon on Sunday, February 10. You should make your travel plans in such a way that you can be here for the entire conference.

Flights into Lincoln, Nebraska are available from United (via Chicago or Denver), and Northwest (via Minneapolis on Northwest Airlink).

There are also many flights available in and out of Omaha (occasionally you can find flights into Omaha which are significantly less expensive than flights into Lincoln). If you arrive or leave from Omaha, you will need either to rent a car, or to use a shuttle service between the Omaha airport and Lincoln; you should allow at least 2 hours to get from the Omaha airport to Lincoln via rental car or shuttle. For details about shuttles go to the web sites and

If you're driving, Lincoln is right off of Interstate 80. Here are links to some relevant maps.