About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the mathematics department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). I study operator algebras and operator theory with Allan Donsig. Specifically, I am interested in crossed products of C*-algebras and their subalgebras. Crossed product theory can be thought of as the harmonic analysis of functions on a locally compact group that take values in an operator algebra.

I earned a masters degree in mathematics from UNL in 2015 and a bachelor's degree in pure mathematics from Youngstown State University in 2013.


I am teaching Math 106 Calculus I during the Fall 2018 semester. (Students, please note that all course materials and policies are available on Canvas.) Below is a list of courses I have taught during my time at UNL.

As an instructor of record, I have taught:

  • Math 314/814 Linear Algebra (Summer 2017, Spring 2017)
  • Math 301 Geometry Matters (Spring 2016)
  • Math 300 Mathematics Matters (Fall 2015)
  • Math 208 Calculus III Multivariable/Vector Calculus (Fall 2017)
  • Math 106 Calculus I (Fall 2016, Fall 2018)
  • Math 104 Applied Calculus (Summer 2018)
  • Math 102 Trigonometry (Spring 2015, Summer 2014)
  • Math 101 College Algebra (Spring 2018)
  • Math 100A Intermediate Algebra (Fall 2014)

As a teaching assistant, I have taught:

  • Math 806T Number Theory and Cryptology for Middle Level Teachers (Summer 2015)
  • Math 800T Mathematics as a Second Language for Middle Level Teachers (Summer 2016)
  • Math 106R Calculus I Recitation (Fall 2016, Spring 2014, Fall 2013)