Math 971 - Section 001 - Spring 2005 - Qual page

As it becomes available, information of use to preparing for the upcoming June qualifying exam in topology/algebraic topology (Math 970/971) will be posted here. These resources were prepared by Mark Brittenham and Susan Hermiller in the spring of 2005.

A list of "qual-level" questions from homework problems assigned in the fall 2004 Math 970 class, and so far (to 3/15/05) in the current Math 971 class: Postscript, PDF, TeX source.

A list of topics covered in Math 970 and Math 971: Postscript , PDF.

Some sample exams, in the format to be used for the June 2005 exam:
Sample exam 1: Postscript , PDF .
Sample exam 2: Postscript , PDF .