Math 971 Algebraic Topology Home Page
Math 971 Algebraic Topology Home Page
Mark Brittenham

This page is devoted to materials and links specific to Mark Brittenham's Math 971 class for Fall, 2001.
The main texts for the course will be Munkres' Topology (2nd edition), for the chapters on the fundamental group (Chs. 9, 10, 13?), and Hatcher's Algebraic Topology, for the chapters on homology theory. Hatcher's book is scheduled for publication very soon (August? October?), but in the meantime (or perhaps instead?), the entire book is available as a collection of pdf files (TeX is wonderful....) at the author's website.

The Topology Atlas is a huge database of (mostly research-level) information on topology. It includes a page of lecture notes in topology, for example.

There is a fairly wide ranging discussion of General Topology (i.e., point-set topology), which is part of a larger group of pages on the various divisions of mathematics.

More generally, there is the rather entertaining Interactive Mathematics Miscellany page. My favorite little tidbit so far has been "[By the extreme value theorem,] for any object there is a distance at which it looks its best." (It took me a little while to figure out why that was actually true.)