Math 856 Intro to Smooth Manifolds

Questionnaire and Pop Quiz-lette


Spell it like the instructor is supposed to pronounce it:

Times you could not make an office hour:

Most important (to you) previous graduate courses (if any):

Most important (to the instructor) previous graduate courses (if any):

Favorite color:

Pop quizlette:

The following quizlette counts for nothing, and is intended to provide no indication about what the instructor expects you to bring to this course, nor what the instructor expects to cover.. People can bring very different backgrounds to this class; this is just a broad attempt to sketch what you might have encountered prior to now.

Rate each of the following phrases on a scale from 1 to 5, where

1 `` I was reading about that last week '',

3 `` I've seen that before '',

5 `` is that really a word/phrase? ''.

Don't spend more than about 8 seconds on each; first impressions are the important thing. Besides, there are no wrong answers....




          bounded domain

          bounded variation

          quotient space

          free group

          vector field





          covering space

          implicit function theorem

          lens space

          spherical coordinates

          Green's/Divergence/Stokes' Theorem

          cubic spline

          hairy sphere theorem

          Seifert-van Kampen theorem



          line integral

          small category

          Poincaré conjecture

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