Math 423/823 Intro to Complex Variables Home Page
Math 423/823 Intro to Complex Variables Home Page
Spring, 2011
Mark Brittenham

This page is devoted to materials and links specific to Mark Brittenham's Math 423/823 class for Spring, 2011. Here you can find copies of the homework assignments, dates for exams, as well as lists of topics covered by these exams. You can download a copy of the course summary, in Postscript or PDF format, or look at an html-ized copy of the course summary.

Materials that are not for public consumption (read: exercise solutions) will be placed in the class lockbox; username and password are available from the instructor.

Since we will largely build off of material from the first three semesters of calculus, I have dug up the review sheets that I handed out, from the last times I taught each of those courses, and placed them in a directory for your review.

There may also (eventually) be Maple worksheets available, which explore many of the concepts that we have encountered in class.

Some complex analysis links:

Some (mathematical) links that might be of general interest:

A site called SOS Math offers pages of material on topics ranging from polynomial long division, the quadratic formula, and trigonometric identities, to Taylor polynomials, the Cauchy-Riemann equations, and Matrix algebra.
Another site covering similar material, including solved homework problems for you to practice on, is kept in Belgium.

Dan Sloughter has a web page containing Java programs for visualizing various mathematical concepts. My favorite is one which will draw the Taylor polynomial approximations for y=sin(x) .

A site called Karl's Calculus Tutor currently covers most of what would qualify as first-semester calculus, and some of the second semester, as well.

Forget a geometry formula? Check this page at Ask Dr. Math.