Math 314 Matrix Theory Homework
Math 314 Matrix Theory Homework
All assignments are from Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis,
by Thomas Shores, 2nd edition.

Starred (*) problems are due the Friday after the date on which they are assigned.
(Note: This page is for informational purposes only, and cannot be guaranteed for accuracy/timeliness; the assignments as given in class serve as the final authority.)

Due Jan. 22:
Section 1.1, p.7: 1,2,5,6*
Section 1.2, p.16: 1,2*,3*,6,12

Due Jan. 29:
Section 1.3 ,p.26: 1a*c*,2,4*,5,7
Section 1.4, p.36: 2a*bc,3a*,5,7

Due Feb. 5:
Section 2.1, p.51: 1*,2,3,5*
Section 2.2, p.57: 1,5,6*,8*
Section 2.3, p.64: 1,2(and p.57,#7),3a*;show that a transition matrix times a probability distribution vector (PDV) always yields another PDV (the 2x2 case would be enough...)

Due Feb. 12:
Section 2.4, p.75: 1,5,8*; show that for any matrix A, A+A^t and (A^t)A are symmetric (A^t means transpose of A)
Section 2.5, p.86: 1abd (hand in b),2*,4,6,15
Due Feb. 19:
Section 2.6, p.96: 2acde (hand in cd),3,7,10
Section 2.7, p.104: 1,2*
Due Feb. 26:
Due Mar. 5:
Due Mar. 12:
Due Mar. 26:
Due Apr. 5: