Math 310 Some practice problems for Exam 2

1. Suppose f: Z Z6 is the function f(x) = [x]6.

1.a. Show that f is a homomorphism.

1.b. Show that f is surjective.

1.c. Show that f is not injective.

2. Show that the rings Z4 and Z2 × Z2 are not isomorphic.

3. Let D: R[x] R[x] be the derivative map given by D(a0+a1x+a2x2+ anxn) = a1+2a2x+ +nanxn-1. Show that D is not a homomorphism. (Hint: Compute D(x2).)

4. Suppose that R and S are rings, R' is a subring of R, and S' is a subring of S. Show that R' ×S' is a subring of R ×S.

5. Show that Z6× Z5 @ Z10× Z3.

6. Let R be a ring with identity. An element e R is called idempotent if e2 = e. The elements 0 and 1 are called the trivial idempotents of R. All other idempotents (if any exist) are called nontrivial idempotents

Let R,S be rings with identity with R 0, S 0 (that is, neither R nor S is the ``stupid'' ring). Show that R×S always has nontrivial idempotents.

7. Find the solutions to the system of congruences

x 3 (mod 5)

x 1 (mod 6)

x 2 (mod 11)

8. Let f: Z8 Z12 be given by f([x]8) = [3x]12.

(a): Show that f is a well-defined homomorphism of groups (under addition).

(b): Show (by example) that f is neither injective nor surjective.

(c): Is f a homomorphism of rings? Show why or why not.

9. Let G be an abelian group, with identity element e.

(a): Show that if a,b G, and an = e, bm = e for some n,m N, then (ab)nm = e.

(b): Show that H = {a G: ak = e for some k 1} is a subgroup of G.

10. Show that if G is a group, and H,K G are subgroups of G, then HK = {g G : g H and g K} is also a subgroup of G.

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