Math 221

Practice problems for Exam 1

Find the (implicit) solution to the separable equation

[dy/dx] = x2y-x2+2y-2

A pan of water with an initial temperature of 70F is placed in a freezer which is maintained at a constant temperature of 20F. 10 minutes later, the water in the pan has reached a temperature of 50F. How long does it take for the water to reach 35F?

Solve the initial value problem

xy - 2y = x+1

y(1) = 3

From the textbook:

p.23: 2,10,17,18

p.30: 8,12

p.38: 4,8,14

p.45: 6,10,11

p.54: 2,15,20,27

p.69: 2,11,12

p.422: 1,3,4,5 (but the exam problem won't be nearly as long...)

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