Math 203 Contemporary Mathematics Homework
Math 203 Contemporary Mathematics Homework
All assignments are from For All Practical Purposes, by COMAP, 5th edition.

Starred problems are to be turned in during the class following the one in which they were assigned. Which of course means that if you are reading it here, the assignment is no doubt overdue?

p22: 2,4,11,12*
p24: 16,17,21,22*
p25: 26,28*,35,36
p58: 4,7,26*
p.62: 29,32*,34
p.64: 38,39,40*
p.67: 54*(hand in c),55,59
p.102: 6,7,8*,24
p.105: 26,32*
p.106: 33,34*,35,38
p.191: 1,2*,4,5
p.192: 8,11,14*,15
p.194: 20*,21,25,30
p.236: 3,5,6*
p.238: 12ab,13,19*
p.239: 21,28a