Math 203 Contemporary Mathematics Exam Page
Math 203 Conteporary Mathematics Exam Page
Note that the test dates given here are for informational purposes only. Test dates announced in class supercede those given here. As the information becomes available, this page will include a list of topics covered by each exam.

Schedule of exams:
Web Test 1: Monday, February 5 thru Wednesday, Feruary 14
In-class Test 1: , Friday, February 9
covering chapters 1 through 3.
Specific topics list available as html or Postscript or PDF files.
Also, there is a handout describing the procedures for taking webtests, in HTML or Postscript or PDF.

Project 1: due Friday, February 23
Copies of the project description, in Postscript and PDF.

A copy of an optimal (Euler) circuit, in PDF.
Essentially, the edges marked (1) give an optimal Eulerization. But the two edges marked (2) must be added in order to avoid going down a one-way street the wrong way. Without them, the vertices on both ends have more streets coming in (or out!) than out (or in!)

Web Test 2: Monday, March 19 thru Friday, March 30
In-class Test 2: , Monday, March 26
covering chapters 5 through 8.
Specific topics list available as html or Postscript or PDF.

A solved copy of one of the practice tests (so, for example, you can get a sense of *how* answers can/should be typed) may be found here.
What you should note is that I made the *computer* do all of the arithmetic; you don't need to add or multiply or divide any number before you *write* your answer. The only hard part is that this makes the placement of parentheses ( ) very important... Note that "sqrt( )" means the square root of the stuff inside the parentheses.