Avery Hall Welcome to Avery Hall

These pages will take you on a walking tour of the mathematics department and its new environs in Avery Hall.

Navigation tips: The tour is best viewed with your browser window maximized. The tour will automatically walk you through its pages when you click "START" below. The tour lasts approximately 5 minutes. Our path through the building is marked on the floorplans in the frame at the left; clicking on one of the floors will display a larger view. The sights we will visit are represented by the images in the left frame below the floorplans. If you wish to pause the tour at any point, scroll down in the left frame to the image corresponding to that point in the tour, and click on the image that you wish to pause on. To resume the tour, click on the caption below the image in the left frame. To jump to any point on the tour, click on one of these captions/images.


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