Directed Reading Program of the Mathematics Department
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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The directed reading program (DRP) at UNL provides undergraduates an opportunity to explore and deepen their interest in mathematics. Participants will spend the semester working on a project under the guidance of a graduate student. The projects are focused on reading, not research; this may entail an introduction to a topic in mathematics not often covered in undergraduate courses or a more in depth investigation of topics that are covered. Participants will give a short, 10-15 minute, presentation on their project at the end of the semester.


The directed reading program is meant to be an enriching and enjoyable experience for both the undergraduate and graduate student involved. The mentee has the opportunity see mathematics beyond the usual undergraduate curriculmn, develops the skills necessary to learn mathematics in a more independent setting, and practices communicating mathematics to an audience. The mentor gets to discuss advanced mathematics with passionate students, develop the skills necessary to mentor, and watch their mentee grow as a mathematician.


If you have any questions please contact Austin (austin.eide@huskers.unl.edu) or Matthew (matthew.bachmann@huskers.unl.edu).