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Math in the City

Course Offerings

  • Spring 2006: P. Radu
    • Risk for Heart Attacks, in collaboration with Jane Meza, University of Nebraska Medical Center
    • Water Levels in Lake McConaughy, in collaboration with Shuhai Zheng, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources
  • Fall 2006: P. Radu
    • Traffic Models in Lincoln, in collaboration with Schemmer Associates
    • Performance of the Lincoln Housing Market during 1995-2005, in collaboration with Michelle Slack, Lancaster County Assessor's Office
  • Fall 2008: P. Radu, 3 projects on sustainable design in collaboration with Jim Dyck and Deb Hansen from The Architectural Partnership
    • Cost effectiveness of green features at the Nature Center in Pioneers Park
    • Cost effectiveness of green features at the Earth House at the Prairie Hill Learning Center
    • Green benefits of sustainable design of LEED-certified buildings
  • Fall 2010: P. Radu and S. Hartke (GTA M. Uhrig), 3 projects on recycling with Gene Hanlon, Recycling Coordinator for the City of Lincoln, with Von Busch and Sons and Recycling Enterprises
    • Route optimization for recycling drop-off sites in Lincoln
    • Route optimization for Lincoln city and Lancaster county buildings
    • Cost versus environmental benefits of recycling
  • Fall 2011: A. Hariharan (GTA L. Keough), 3 projects on investing and finance with Melinda Jones, City Treasurer of Lincoln and Sherry Wolf-Drbal, Budget Analyst, Finance Department of Lincoln
    • Investment analysis for the city of Lincoln
    • Cash flow management for the city of Lincoln
    • Public safety expenditures and allocation of police stations
  • Fall 2012: P. Radu and S. Holay (GTA J. Geisbauer), 3 projects on the Lincoln housing market, with Michelle Slack, Lancaster County Assessor's Office
    • Performance and assessment of the Lincoln housing market during 2006-2012
    • Impact of economic factors on the Lincoln and national housing markets
    • Analysis of new developments in the Lincoln housing market