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Thursday, Sep 3, 5:00-6:00 pm in Avery 110: Talk by Professor Adam Larios

Can mathematicians compute our way out of doing mathematics?

As computers gain a stronger hold in mathematics, should mathematicians start to worry? Computers obviously depend on mathematics, but more and more areas of mathematics are starting to depend on computers. Does this mixture violate the purity of mathematics? Will the beauty of mathematics be forgotten, reduced to cold hard computation? Fortunately, the situation may be not so scary. We will see many examples of mathematics and computers living happily together. Moreover, pairing these disciplines can be beneficial to both sides. I will argue that computers do not spell doom for mathematics; indeed, they make mathematics more exciting than ever.

And, of course, PIZZA!

Previous Event

Sunday, Aug 23 at 6:30pm on Memorial Stadium Loop: Big Red Welcome Street Festival

The Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon will have a table at Location 342. Stop by to learn about the upcoming events, competitions and opportunities for undergraduates in mathematics.
Free candy!

About Math Club

The Math Club is an umbrella organization for mathematics-related activities open to all UNL students. The Math Club sponsors events throughout the academic year in association with the Nebraska Alpha Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon and the Women Undergraduates in Mathematics at Nebraska.

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Pi Mu Epsilon (ΠME)

Pi Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor society that promotes scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institutions. UNL's Nebraska Alpha Chapter, founded in 1928, was the 15th chapter out of over 350 chapters around the country.

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