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The food science experiments posted on this site are part of a
a grant that was funded to incorporate food science into the high school science classes. Many of these experiments were supplied by science teachers throughout the state of Nebraska. If you have comments to make concerning these experiments please contact

Food Science curriculum incorporates a tremendous amount of science, including general chemistry,organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, physics and more. Job placement and salaries for food science majors is astonishing. The food industry is in need of dedicated, science minded individuals to help maintain our safe, nutritious, and convenient food supply. If you would like to review more career information visit

These experiments are distributed online as a service to science teachers. They are designed only for use in laboratories, under an appropriate level of supervision by qualified faculty. Appropriate safety training and proper disposal of waste is assumed. Other users of the information posted on this site assume all responsibility.


Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute - Enzyme Labs using Jello