Math 208: Analytic Geometry and Calculus III


Janet Striuli


OLDH 304


9:30-10:20 am MWRF

Office Hours

MR 10:30-11:30
F 12:30-1:30pm,
or by appointment.




Class Material

Syllabus: (pdf).
Class policies: (tex), and (pdf)

Quizzes, tests and review sheets

Quiz 1: (tex), (pdf).
Quiz 1, solution: (tex), (pdf).
Quiz 2: (tex), (pdf).
Quiz 3: (tex), (pdf).
Quiz 4: (tex), (pdf).
Quiz 5: (tex), (pdf).
Quiz 6: (tex), (pdf).

Review Test 1: (tex), (pdf).
Test 1: (tex), (pdf).

Review Test 2: (tex), (pdf).
Review Test 2, solution: (tex), (pdf).
Test 2: (tex), (pdf).

Review Test 3: (tex), (pdf).
Review Test 3, solution: (I had to leave the office: Please email me for any question, I will answer tonight. I will be in tomorrow at 7:30am if you want to come and ask further questions) (tex), (pdf).
Test 3: (tex), (pdf).

Review I for Test 4: (tex), (pdf).
Review I for Test 4, solutions: (tex), (pdf).
(Notice that the text has changed a little here and there..., also if you find any descrepancy with your solutions let me know)


To take the Gateway exams click here and click "register as a student for this class".
You can take the exam in the following days:
Differentiation: 8/31/06 3:00 AM - 9/14/06 11:00 PM
Integration: 9/27/06 5:00 AM - 10/10/06 11:00 PM


Review for the final: Tue. 3:00pm. and Wed. 10:30am. We will meet in front of my office and then we will move. I cannot reserve a room.I am expecting the big crowd on Wed.

The 10 points challenge: if by Monday the 11th half of the class passes the gateway, everybody gets 10 bonus points and there will be no 5 points challenge. If by Monday the 11th more than half of the students have not passed the gateway the 5 bonus challenge will still holds. (Posted on September the 7th)

The 5 points challengeThere will be 5 bonus points if 90% of the students in the class pass the differentiation gateway.(Posted on September the 4th)

Group Homework

Homework 1 (due Sep. 8th): (tex), (pdf).
Homework 2 (due Sep. 25th): (tex), (pdf).
Homework 3 (due Oct. 26th): (tex), (pdf).