Welcome to the UNL Math and Stats Annual Activity Report

If you are entering data for your 2003 update for the first time:

Please choose a username (you could use your mathlab user id, but you don't have to) and choose a password to protect your files. When you come back to the system, you will need to give this user name and password to access your earlier entries.

Even if you used the on-line update system in previous years, you will need to choose a login name and password again this year. You can use a different login name and password from the last time, or keep the same one. Your update records from the last year you used the system are no longer available.

Warning: For security reasons you should not use the same password as you use for your computer account.

If you have already entered some 2003 data:

Please enter your user name and password exactly as you did when you logged on before.

After you've typed your user name and password, press:

User Name:

Are you on a two-year update cycle?

Some faculy members are on a two year update cycle. If you are filling out an update for both 2002 and 2003, you should follow these steps: (i) Enter all of your update information for both years in a single update form. The forms will refer to 2003 while you are filling them out, but you will be able to mark them as two-year updates when you print or submit them. (ii) When you are ready to print or submit your forms press the "View All and Submit Button". Be sure to check the box on that page which indicates you are doing a two-year update. Your print-out and electronic submission will then be marked with "2002 and 2003".

Trouble logging on?

Click here to send mail to John Orr, or call Rex at at 472-9747.

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