817 Introduction to Modern Algebra I

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Lecturer: Dr. Mark Walker

Monday, August 24    Definition of a Group, D_2n
Wednesday, August 26    Definition of #G, #D_2n, S_n
Friday, August 28    S_n, Quaternions
Monday, August 31    Group Homomorphisms and Isomorphisms
Wednesday, September 2    Group Actions
Friday, September 4    Centralizers, Normalizers and Kernels
Monday, September 7    Labor Day—No class
Wednesday, September 9    Cyclic Groups and Lattices
Friday, September 11    Quotient Groups
Monday, September 14    Cosets and normal subgroups
Wednesday, September 16    Lagrange's Theorem
Friday, September 18    First Isomorphism Theorem
Monday, September 21    Second and Third Isomorphism Theorems
Wednesday, September 23    Latice Theorem
Friday, September 25    Jordan-Holder Theorem
Monday, September 28    Proof of Jordan-Holder Theorem
Wednesday, September 30    Signs of permutations and LOIS
Friday, October 2    LOIS examples and Cayley's Theorem
Monday, October 5    Class Equation
Wednesday, October 7    Conjugacy classes of A_5
Friday, October 9    Automorphisms
Monday, October 12    Review for midterm
Wednesday, October 15    Inner and Outer Automorphism
Friday, October 16    Exam makeup—No class
Monday, October 19    Fall Break—No class
Wednesday, October 21    Elementary Abelian p Groups and Sylow p Subgroups
Friday, October 23    Sylow p-Groups [Incomplete]
Monday, October 26    Coming soon!
Wednesday, October 28    Analyzing groups of Order 30
Friday, October 30    Direct Products [Incomplete]
Monday, November 2    Decomposition into Direct Products [Incomplete]
Wednesday, November 4    Semi-Direct Products
Friday, November 6    Decomposition into Semi-Direct Products [Incomplete]
Monday, November 9    Coming soon!
Wednesday, November 11    Vector Spaces and Bases
Friday, November 13    Bases of Finite Vector Spaces have the same Cardinality [Incomplete]
Monday, November 16    Matrix for of Vector Space Homomorphisms [Incomplete]
Wednesday, November 18    Quotient Spaces
Friday, November 20    Rank, Nulity and the Determinant

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