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Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0130, USA

FAX: (402) 472 8466

Research Interests (Click titles for a LaTeX.PDF file.)

  1. Polynomial maps of n-space (for n > 1) and The Jacobian Conjectures.
  2. DECEMBER 1995 BIG POLY-MAP NEWS! About Global Asymptotic Stability & Polynomial Maps.
    • Markus-Yamabe Conjecture settled in all dimensions. (A 1-page TeX.pdf file.)
      See also 29-page TeX.pdf file of June 96 Hong Kong Talk (below).
    • Congratulations to Robert Feßler, Carlos Gutierrez, Aleksei Glutsuk, N. Barabanov, Josep Bernat, Jaume Llibre, Bo Deng, Gaetano Zampieri, Anna Cima, Arno van den Essen, Armengol Gasull, Engelbert Hubbers, Francesc Mañosas and to many others whose names are in the PolyMapBib.
  3. TILFs (Translation Invariant Linear Forms).
  4. My publications Listed in LaTeX.pdf format.
  5. A "closed form" for zeta-of-3: ζ(3) = -½ γ 3 -¼ γ π 2 -½ Γ '''(1).
    (Similar formulas for ζ(5), ζ(7), etc.)
    Also ζ(2n+1), for n > 0, as moments of log(πx) on the unit interval.
    Here γ is lower-case Greek gamma, which denotes the Euler-Mascheroni constant,
    defined as the limit (as N → infinity) of the difference (1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + + 1/N) − Log(N).
    So γ = 0.57721 56649 01532 86060 65120 90082 40243 10421 59335 93992 .
    My 1975 detailed proofs are available upon request.
    (If you receive no e-mail response, contact me at my home address.)
    Milon Mackey inspired me to find these formulas when he was a student in my Honors Calculus at UNL.

Two Publications

  1. Polyomorphisms Conjugate to Dilations [Proceedings of the Conference on Polynomial Automorphisms,
    Curaçao, The Netherlands Antilles, July 4, 1994; Arno van den Essen ed., Kluwer Academic Pub. 1995].
    • Click here for the 19 page LaTeX.pdf version.
  2. Wanted: A Bad Matrix [Amer. Math. Monthly 102 June-July (1995) 546--550]. Unsolved Problem = JC.

Some papers presented at meetings:

  1. Arno van den Essen's Conference on Polynomial Automorphisms, CIRM, Luminy, France, Oct. 12, 1992.
  2. Marco Sabatini's Conference on Polynomial maps & Global Asymptotic Stability, Trento, Italy, Sept. 14, 1993.
  3. Hong Kong Conference on Algebra & Geometry in Complex Analysis, HK-University, June 10-14, 1996.
    1. A Short Biography of the Markus-Yamabe Conjecture.
    2. New Open questions. The Poincaré-Siegel Theory of Local Linearization.
    3. The Cima-Essen-Gasull-Hubbers-Mañosas Counterexample to the Markus-Yamabe Conjecture.
    4. Pinchuk's counterexample to the Strong Real Jacobian Conjecture.
  4. The Cubic-Linear Linearization Conjecture has been solved!
    See papers by van den Essen [141], and Gorni & Zampieri [187], in the PolyMapBib.
    For a brief (2 page) self-contained statement of this conjecture&mdash

My Last Semester of Teaching at UNL

  1. Mathematical Analysis Spring 1997. (HTML format.)
  2. PolyMap Seminar Spring 1997. (NeXTstep Rich Text Format.)

The May 1997 Conference on the Occasion of my Retirement:

Some Reading Interests

  1. PHYSICS: Elementary Particles and the Universe.
  2. LANDMARKS in Euclidean GEOMETRY: 500 BC-2000 AD. A postscript file (for now).
  3. MODERN GEOMETRY: Foundations, Bolyai-Gerwien Theorem, Knots, Hyberbolic Geometry, etc. An HTML file.
  4. Hilbert's 23 Problems: 1900 Paris-ICM. (OPENSTEP Edit.rtf now; HTML later).
  5. The Gauge-Riemann Integral: Kurzweil, Henstock, McShane, et al. (OPENSTEP Edit.rtf now; HTML later).

Some good books

  1. Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson, Vintage 1995.
  2. Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston & James D. Houston, Bantam 1974.
  3. A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar, Simon & Shuster, 1998, ISBN 0684819066.

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