You will be graded on 7 Progress Tests, 5 Take-home Assignments, and a Final Exam. The Final Exam will be on Thursday, May 6, from 10:00 to 12:00, in Bessey 104. You must arrange your personal and work schedules to allow you to take the exam at this scheduled time. Students with conflicting exam schedules or special needs may be permitted to take an alternate Final Exam AFTER the regularly scheduled exam.

The points for the various assignments will be divided into two categories: basic and advanced. The point totals are given in the table below. Basic questions on the Progress Tests and the Final Exam will be drawn from those sections NOT marked as optional on the "Math 221 Overview". These questions will be similar to examples from the notes and/or the assigned exercises. Advanced questions will not necessarily resemble examples or assigned exercises and may be based on the optional sections.


In order to earn a grade of P, C, or better, a student must pass the basic portion of EACH Progress Test AND the Final Exam. The minimum passing scores are indicated in the table. Only basic points can count toward these totals. The basic portion of each Progress Test may be repeated as needed, up to once each week. (It is anticipated that students will pass each Progress Test before taking the next one.) Any student who does not meet these requirements, but who earns at least 385 basic points, will receive a D for the course.

Because of the difficulty of repeating the Final Exam, any student may, at his/her option, take an exam similar to the basic portion of the Final Exam during class on April 28. A passing mark on this preliminary exam will exempt the student from having to take the basic portion of the Final Exam. (Note: in order to avoid penalizing students who opt not to take the optional preliminary exam during Dead Week, the advanced portion of the Final Exam will not be distributed until 10:40.)

Progress Test 1 50 45 ----
Progress Tests 2-6 5 x 70 60 each 5 x 30
Progress Test 7 50 42 50
Take-home Assignments ---- ---- 5 x 20
Final Exam 100 75 100
TOTAL 500 (Final counts double)


In order to earn a grade higher than C, a student must meet the requirements for passing and also accumulate a sufficient number of advanced points over the course of the semester. The requirements are 200 for a C+, 280 for a B, 350 for a B+, 420 for an A, and 460 for an A+.

Department Grading Appeals Policy: The Department of Mathematics and Statistics does not tolerate discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. If you believe you have been subject to such discrimination or harassment, in this or any other math course, please contact the department. If, for this or any other reason, you believe your grade was assigned incorrectly or capriciously, appeals may be made to (in order) the instructor, the department chair, the departmental grading appeals committee, the college grading appeals committee, and the university grading appeals committee.