G.Ledder, Mathematics for the Life Sciences: Calculus, Modeling, Probability, and Dynamical Systems, Springer (2013)

This book-length manuscript is in production and is scheduled to be in print in July. Eventually, all supplementary materials will be housed on the Springer web site. For now, these materials are provided here.

Preface, Table of Contents, introductions to the parts, and index

Instructor's Guide

Templates for R scripts is a collection of 14 R scripts. These are keyed to specific sections in the book but are written to be of general use. The scripts are generally templates rather than complete scripts, which means that the user has to replace some blanks to create working scripts. The templates are accompanied by a tutorial document that focuses on the syntactical elements of R and my recommended programming style. There is also a data file used by some of the scripts. Complete versions of the scripts are available on request in exchange for a pledge not to let them get into the hands of anyone who might post them without the author's permission.