Eric Canton

Photo credit: Allison Beemer
Office: 312 Avery Hall
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I am a sixth year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln working in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, advised by Wenliang Zhang. I research singularities and birational geometry in positive characteristic: F-singularities and their relation to MMP singularities; Berkovich spaces; jet spaces; and local cohomology. You can view my CV.
Publications and Preprints
  1. "A note on injectivity of Frobenius on local cohomology of global complete intersections".
     Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Vol. 220, Issue 8, August 2016. pp. 2879-2885
  2. "On the behavoir of singularities near the F-pure threshold"
     Joint with Daniel J. Hernández, Karl Schwede, and Emily E. Witt.
       Illinois Journal of Mathematics. Volume 60, No. 3-4, Fall and Winter 2016, pp. 669-685.
  3. "A note on injectivity of Frobenius on local cohomology of hypersurfaces" (preprint).
     Incorporated and expanded in the paper on complete intersections.
  4. "Relating F-signature and F-splitting ratio of pairs using left derivatives" (preprint).
     Partially incorporated into the paper on behavoir of singularities near the F-pure threshold.

I co-organized KUMUNUjr 2015, 2016, and 2017.
I wrote some Macaulay2 code that can be used for exploration of F-signatures of pairs. It has essentially been incorporated into this excellent F-singularities package written by Daniel Hernández, Moty Katzman, Sara Malec, Karl Schwede, Pedro Teixeira, and Emily Witt.

I am currently teaching Math 101: College Algebra. Current students can find our course page on Canvas.
During my time at University of Nebraska, I have been an instructor of record for the following classes:
  1. Math 804T: Experimentation, conjecture, and reasoning. Masters in Education course.
  2. Landscapes in Mathematics Seminar (graduate course)
  3. Math 102: Trigonometry
  4. Math 101: College Algebra
Additionally, I have been a recitation TA for calculus 1 and 2.