Information about binary linear codes

Fill in n and k below. I will give you some information about binary linear codes having length n and dimension k. You must have n 85 or (n 300 and k 14).

n k

For information about how this data was generated, see the documentation for Split. For more information about the existence of [n,k,d] codes (not just in the binary case), see Brouwer's tables. For nonlinear codes, see the tables of Litsyn, Raines, and Sloane.

This database is the output of an NSF-supported project which I worked on at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the software for which is freely available in its entirety from this web site. This work is now complete, and I now do computational biology, but the Department is kindly maintaining this web site. If the web site breaks, please report the problem to me. If there are scientific errors, or more likely improvements, as no errors have ever been pointed out, I suggest that you post them to the web; I will add a link if you so request.

David B. Jaffe
Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research