Math 208 - David Jaffe's Section

Instructor: David Jaffe, Oldfather 936
Phone: 472-7253 (office); 467-5518 (home)
Office Hours: MTWF from 11am to 12am. That's when I promise to be in my office, however I welcome your questions at almost any time.

Class: meets MTWF, 9:30am-10:20am, in Oldfather 204.


You should work all assigned problems. Exactly what is assigned is determined by the syllabus, together with any modifications announced in class. The homework will not be graded. Just do it!!!


Your grade will be assigned based on your scores in the following parts of the course:
Number Points Total points
Computer web tests 2 30 60
Midterm Exams 3 100 300
Quizzes 10 10 100
Project 1 50 50
Final 1 200 200
Total 710
I'll add up your total points from each of the parts of the course and assign your grade based on your percentage out of the total available. I'll try to use the university grade lines (A=90%, B=80%, etc.) but I may lower the lines (i.e. make it easier to get an A, or B, or whatever). I will not raise the lines, so you know from the outset that if you get 90% you'll get an A, and so forth.

Bonus Points

You can earn bonus points from class participation. The bonus points you earn will be added directly to your score at the end of the semester.

Class Participation

Every once in a while, I'm going to ask you a question. What I'll do is ask the question, give you all some time to think about it and talk with your group, and then I'll pick a name at random from the class, in such a way that each group is equally likely to be chosen, and for each group, each member is equally likely to be chosen. The person I pick will have a chance to answer the question for their group. If that person can't answer it correctly, even after brief consultation with the group, some other person will then have the opportunity to try. Each member of the ``winning'' group gets 3 bonus points. For particularly difficult questions, I may call for volunteers. You can only gain by participating in this situation.

Computer web tests

As specified on the syllabus, there are two computer web tests, which cover prerequisite material. Please note the timeline for this on the syllabus. On each exam, you must achieve a score of 80% or better to receive any credit. If you get 80% or better, your actual score will be recorded in my gradebook. You may retake the exam as many times as you like during the official test-taking period.


You'll be working in groups of two or three in the Class Participation work, and on your projects. I'll ask everyone to form into groups the first day, but you can rearrange groups for the first couple of weeks. After that I hope that the groups will remain pretty stable.