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Contact Information:

Email: ddailey2[at]math[dot]unl[dot]edu

Mail: University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Department of Mathematics

            203 Avery Hall

            PO BOX 880130

            Lincoln NE 68588–0130

Office: 341 Avery Hall

Here is my CV.

About me:

I grew up on my family’s farm in Jefferson, SD. A very gifted high school math teacher started my journey towards mathematics. I obtained my BA in Mathematics from the University of South Dakota in 2007. My participation in undergraduate research led me to apply to graduate school, and I am now in my fifth year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


I am studying commutative algebra under the direction of Tom Marley. I have also been involved in research pertaining to precalculus courses at UNL. Here are some of the papers on which I have worked:

N. Wakefield, J. Champion, J. Bolkema, D. Dailey: Diagnostic and Achievement Effects

            of an Early-semester Mastery Activity in College Algebra.  Submitted.

D. Dailey, T. Marley: A change of rings result for Matlis reflexivity. Submitted. Preprint.


Last fall and this spring, I taught/am teaching Math 300, an elementary mathematics education course.

During 2014, I served as associate convener for Math 101 (college algebra) in the spring and Math 103 (precalculus) in the fall. As associate convener, my main responsibilities were developing common course materials, including exams and quizzes, and administering all sections of the courses. I spent the summer of 2014 developing and re-shaping common lesson plans used by all precalculus instructors.

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