x Carolyn Mayer


I have been a graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since Fall 2013. My advisor is Dr. Christine A. Kelley. I’m interested in error-correcting codes, information theory, and applied discrete mathematics. A copy of my CV can be found here.

  • C. Mayer, K. Haymaker, and C.A.Kelley, “Channel Decomposition for Multilevel Codes Over Multilevel and Partial Erasure Channels,” accepted to Advances in Mathematics of Communications.
  • M. Aktas, S. Anderson, A. Johnston, G. Joshi, S. Kadhe, G. Matthews, C. Mayer, and E. Soljanin, “On the Service Capacity Region of Accessing Erasure Coded Content” to appear in the Proceedings of the 55th Annual Allerton Conference. Preprint available here.
  • A. Beemer, C. Mayer, and C.A.Kelley, “Erasure Correction and Locality of Hypergraph Codes,” Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10495. Springer. 2017.
  • C. Mayer and C.A.Kelley, “LT Codes on Partial Erasure Channels,” 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), July 2017.
  • Teaching

    Courses Taught as an Instructor
  • Math 203: Contemporary Math - Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
  • Math 100A: Intermediate Algebra - Fall 2015, Spring 2016
    Courses Taught as a Teaching Assistant
  • Math 808T: Concepts of Calculus for Teachers - Summer 2016
  • Math 805T: Discrete Mathematics for Teachers - Summer 2016
  • Math 802P: Number, Geometry and Algebraic Thinking II for K-3 Math Specialists - Summer 2015
  • Math 106: Recitation for Calculus I - Spring 2015
  • Math 106: Math Excel Recitation for Calculus I - Fall 2014