Discrete Math Seminar Fall 2010

Department of Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 2:00-2:50pm in 351 Avery Hall

Seminar Coordinator: Christine Kelley

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Aug 24: No Seminar.
Aug 31: Ryan Martin, Iowa State, Recent results on the edit distance of graphs. (abstract)
Sept 7: Derrick Stolee, The Lovasz Cathedral Theorem and Applications (abstract)
Sept 14: Tyler Seacrest, A circuitous proof of the Erdos-Gallai Theorem (abstract)
Sept 21: Zach Roth, Public-key cryptography using error-correcting codes, (abstract)
Sept 28: No Seminar.
Oct 5: Kenneth Monks, Colorado State University, The Odd Partition Poset and Moebius Numbers.(abstract)
Oct 12: Andrew Ray, Reconstructing Trees from their Wiener Matrix or Subtree Matrix.(abstract)
Oct 19: No Seminar, Fall Break.
Oct 26: Josh Laison, Willamette University, Obstacle Numbers of Graphs (abstract).
Nov 2: James Sellers, Penn. State University, Enumeration of the degree sequences of non-separable graphs and connected graphs. (abstract)
Nov 9: No Seminar (Math Day)
Nov 16: Rebecca Swanson, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Coloring Complexes (abstract).
Nov 23: Derrick Stolee, The Lovasz Two Ear Theorem and the Enumeration of 1-Extendable Graphs (abstract)
Nov 30: (NOTE: Room 19, Avery Hall) Joerg Kliewer, New Mexico State University, Coding Strategies for the Wiretap Channel and for Secure Network Coding (abstract).
Dec 7: Adam Azzam, TBA.

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