Discrete Math Seminar Spring 2010

Department of Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Meeting Time: Tuesdays 2:00-2:50pm in 351 Avery Hall

Seminar Coordinator: Christine Kelley

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Jan 12: No Seminar
Jan 19: Oliver Collins, University of Notre Dame, Continuous waveforms from binary signals
Jan 26: No Seminar
Feb 2: Christine Kelley , Coding for the wiretap channel
Feb 9: Tyler Seacrest , More on coding for the wiretap channel
Feb 16: Derrick Stolee , Topics in Graph Automorphisms (abstract)
Feb 23: Andrew Ray , Computing the Characteristic Polynomial of Graphs (abstract)
Mar 2: Kathryn Haymaker , Perfect codes in the Lee metric (abstract)
Mar 9: Michael Barrus, Black Hills State University, South Dakota, Substitution closures of the split graphs and matrogenic graphs (abstract)
Friday Mar 12: Derrick Stolee , Proposal Defense, Symmetric Optimization , (abstract) , 10:30-11:10 am, Avery 347 (Note special day and time)
Mar 16: No Seminar (Spring Break)
Monday Mar 22: Deanna Dreher , PhD defense. Pseudocodewords on Graph Covers and Computation Trees , 3:00 pm, Avery 351 (Note special day and time)
Mar 30: Nathan Axvig and Katie Morrison . Two short talks: "The Generalized Omura Decoder" by Nathan Axvig and "Towards a Duality Theory of Subspace Codes for Network Coding" by Katie Morrison
Monday Apr 5, 2:35 pm, Avery 351: Jeremy Martin, University of Kansas, Graph Varieties (abstract) (Note special time and day)
Apr 13: Cancelled so that people can attend Anthony DeLegge's dissertation defense. 1:30-3pm in 304 Oldfather Hall, "Mathematical Modeling of Optimal Seasonal Reproduction Strategies of Plant Populations and a Comparison of Long-Term Viabilities of Annuals and Perennials"
Apr 20: John Orr , The PageRank Algorithm and Web Search Engines (abstract)
Apr 27: Vinod Variyam , Green's Theorem and Isolation in Planar Graphs (abstract)

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