Chad Giusti

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Mathematical Neuroscience Lab
University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

229 Avery Hall
University of Nebraska -- Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588


cgiusti2 "at" standard university e-mail suffix

Current Courses

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Teaching Philosophy

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Ontological presentation

When I internalize a piece of mathematics, I fit it into a larger conceptual web in which collections of ideas flows naturally toward their conclusions. When teaching I try to focus not just on communicating facts and theorems but also on imparting my "feel" for this web.

To this end, I am interested in using the concept of formal ontologies (as introduced to me by David Spivak) as a classroom learning tool. In particular, I suspect that this framework is suited for use in regular lecture courses as a medium for student-directed review and in IBL classrooms as a "blank" to suggest directions for student thinking.


I am deeply interested in the future of technology in mathematics education and in the migration from textbook reliance to open courseware. I am particularly fond of WeBWorK and Sage as examples of excellent free learning tools.

Other Things

During the summer of 2007, I taught the University of Oregon math department's summer "pre-school" for incoming graduate students. The problem sets used for this session were: Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.