Chad Giusti

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Mathematical Neuroscience Lab
University of Nebraska -- Lincoln

229 Avery Hall
University of Nebraska -- Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588


cgiusti2 "at" standard university e-mail suffix


My research interests currently span two seemingly distant areas. I began my research career working with computational aspects of algebraic topology, and I have recently begun work in mathematical neuroscience. There are a surprising number of ways in which one can apply the tools of algebraic topology to modern problems in neuroscience, and I am regularly stumbling across new ones.

My work in neuroscience is just beginning, but currently focuses on understanding neural coding from a topological perspective. All work here on this topic thus far is joint with Carina Curto and Vladimir Itskov.

My ongoing projects in "pure" algebraic topology involve understanding spaces of knots using cellular models, computations in group cohomology (with Paolo Salvatore and Dev Sinha) and a geometric look at RO(Z/2)-graded cohomology (with Bill Kronholm).

One facet of my dissertation was the construction of a family of combinatorial knot spaces called plumbers' knots. These spaces admit an algorithm for classification of components which can be exploited to algorithimcally determine if two topological knots are isotopic. Here are images of representatives of the components of the first two non-trivial spaces of plumbers' knots.


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