ExamTeX Macros

The best way to see how the exam macro works is to download the three text files (click on a filename to link to the file) DoPlainExam.tex, ExamTemplate.tex and ExamQuestions.tex and run the example through plainTeX. Comparing the output with the TeX file and substituting your material for the example's should allow you to use this for your own exams.

The example works like this: ExamTemplate.tex is the file you run TeX on. It contains things like the name and date of the exam, the exam instructions and the name of the file with the exam questions in it. The file ExamQuestions.tex has the questions themselves in the order in which they are to appear. You shouldn't need to modify DoPlainExam.tex; it has the macros themselves that make it all go. When you run the example, keep all three files together, since ExamTemplate.tex calls the other two files.

Most of the features of the DoPlainExam.tex macros are shown in the example. Among them are: automatic problem numbering, creating an optional grade grid at the beginning of the exam to record scores for each problem and a total, automatically putting the number of pages in the exam at the top of every page and in the directions on the first page (making it easier for a student to know if an exam is missing the last page), and simplified formatting (you just enter the text of each problem and the amount of space to be left after the problem for the student's answer). The macros also allow you in a fairly easy way to make local changes in font sizes.

TeXtures DVI translator

TeXtures dvi files for the Mac aren't standard dvi files, so they are not easily compatible with dvi files on other systems, or even with OzTeX on the Mac. If you want to translate a TeXtures dvi file on a Mac to a standard dvi file, you can download the program TexturesdviTOdvi.hqx. This can convert a TeXtures dvi file to the standard dvi format. Unlike the utility that comes with TeXtures that does the same thing, it also can extract the graphics. For OzTeX users, it has an option which pretty much automatically converts a TeXtures dvi file with its graphics into a form compatible with OzTeX, at least version 1.42 of OzTeX, but extensive testing hasn't been done.